Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices require testing to ensure contaminated sources do not enter the water supply. To ensure devices operate effectively and protect the water supply from backflow, councils require devices to be tested annually. Testing ensures that your backflow device is maintained to an acceptable standard and continues to operate effectively. A well maintained backflow device also ensures no water pressure problems inside your building.

Adept Plumbing and Gas can test your backflow prevention devices complete a test report submitting a copy to council and the client.  We also install them where required e.g. swimming pools, childcare centres, schools, sports grounds, shopping centres, household sprinkler systems etc.

Thermostatic mixing valves

Thermostatic mixing valves or T.M.V’s are installed at premises where there is an increased of scalding through contact with hot water at sanitary fixtures. IE aged care facilities and early child care centres. They blend hot water with cold to ensure constant safe water temperatures and prevent scalding.

  • 60 Degree water can cause third degree burns in five seconds.
  • 45 Degree water will take three hours to give a third degree burn.

Annual testing and maintenance will ensure the safe and correct operation of thermostatic mixing valves preventing dangerous conditions developing.

Did you know? ....

  • At 60 o C a serious burn can happen in 1 sec
  • At 55 o C a serious burn would take 10 sec
  • At 50 o C a serious burn would happen after 5 min

Everyday more than three children under 5 present to a Hospital Emergency Department in Queensland for the treatment of scalds, mainly from hot water taps in the family home. The risk of children and their families suffering traumatic scalds in the home can be reduced by installing hot water tempering devices.
(Source: Queensland Health and Department of Infrastructure and planning, 2008)

Homes built before 1995 did not require tempering valves to be installed . Since 1995 Queensland legislation has changed where new homes are required to have a tempering device installed.

A cost effective solution is to have a tempering valve installed in your hot water system. These devices blend hot and cold water to limit hot water delivery temperature to 50 deg C. This can be to either the whole home or bathrooms only. Legislation states that only a licensed plumber can install a tempering valve. They need to be replaced every five years.